Fashion and Football Fundraiser!


Since football is one of the most expensive sports to play, we had to come up with good ways to fund raise all year around!  One of the most profitable ways this year was having a fashion show with our football team and auctioning off the items they wore!  It was great!  Everyone was really in to it and they all wanted a piece of the idolized players!  Since fashion and football do not really go together we had to get really creative!  We had to think of things that shocked the audience and left them craving for more!  We did get the cheerleaders involved!  That was a no brainer!  They can always pump up an audience and keep people interested!  Since doing our fundraisers we have resorted to many sites to help us better understand and maximize our efforts!  Football fundraising ideas have been very helpful!  On this site you can find many ways to fund raise but by far the most beneficial ways!

Fashion Football 1

We also sold fundraising discount cards at the fashion show as well!  These little hot cakes sold like crazy!  We had the team picture personalized on the front which the fans love!  There were also insane local and national discounts on them as well.  The supporters could not believe how many great local businesses got involved and were helping out too!  Since football season is almost here, I cannot wait to see what the fashion industry has in store for us this year!  Seems like everyone gets in to a football trance!  Here are some images from some recent fashion shows!

Fashion 2

Since I love to talk about fashion and my husband loves to talk about football I thought to myself this is a perfect fundraiser!  Here are two topics we are both interested in and voila’ we made it happen!  Turned out that our fundraiser was so beneficial and most of all FUN we keep getting asked when we are going to have another one!  Since we are constantly raising money for our youth we think this will be a staple in our fundraising agenda’s!  I truly hope the team had a good time and they will always remember the crowd rooting them on for looking good!  This was definitely out of their element but I think they all walked away with a little more confidence!